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Automated taping system which uses our stack tube feeder, vibratory bowl feeder, or linear. This systems is designed for low mix / high volume applications.

The Automatic Taping System, QMT-1500 is sophisticated yet simple. Menus program all functions including heat and seal shoe pressure, leader and tail tape lengths, motor and acceleration speeds, as well as counting the number of parts in a run and any empty pockets. Heat and shoe pressure are independently programmable. A warning signal alerts to an empty pocket. Swing away optics make filling the empty pocket quick and easy. Because the machine smoothly accelerates to speed, small parts aren’t jostled from tape.

The QMT-1500 – Automatic Taping System offers…

  • Manual unit easily upgrades to stack tube feed or vibratory bowl feeder
  • Accepts all surface mount tape sizes, from 8 to 56mm – tape changes take two minutes or less
  • No tooling changes between tape sizes
  • Independently controlled heat and shoe pressure
  • Large 520 sq. in. work area
  • 23 inches of exposed pockets
  • Programmable leader and tail lengths
  • ESD Safe
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Continuous or foot feed operation
  • Simple menu set-up
  • Program to count parts or empty pockets
  • Empty pocket detection alarm sounds, machine stops, and optics swing away for easy empty pocket fill
  • Adjustable motor speed and acceleration, for smooth operation and no jostling of parts

QMT-1500 – Automatic Taping System Options & Modules

The automatic system can accomodate either a tube feed or bowl feed system.

Stack Tube Feed Module

Stack Tube Feed Module

  • Adjusts to accommodate all tube sizes
  • Room for 8 inches of tubes
  • Large empty tube storage
  • Easy load design
  • Q’s pick and place unit has rotational option
  • Automatic Taping Systems

Bowl Feed Module

Bowl Feed Module

  • Acceleration and speed settings allow for very small parts
  • Embedded DOS computer provides handler capabilities
  • Rotational (Theta Axis) option
  • Easy set-up
  • Contactors available
Tape Width 8-56mm
Tape Pitch Selectable; 4-56mm
Carrier Tape Type Embossed Plastic
Cover Tape Type Pressure Sensitive Adhesive or Heat Activated Adhesives
Seal Pressure Selectable
Component Carrier SMD
Electrical 115 VAC 60 Hz
Air 95 PSI 1-3 CFM, Depends on options
Length 75″
Height 24″
Width 24″
Weight 125Lbs.
Maximum Throughput 3000-6000pph auto / 1000-?000 pph operatordependant
Component Counter Adjustable
Empty Pocket Detection Alarm on/off selectable
Tape Drive Speed Adjustable
Reel Size 13″
Foot Switch Standard

Our goal has always been to provide our customers with the most economical equipment solutions. Our product line includes, Lead-Trimming Systems, Manual Surface Mount Taping Systems, and Automated Surface Mount Taping Systems.

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