Product Details

This true parts counter displays total parts counted and the number of empty pocket detected. The large work area allows for part inspection and rework without removal of the reel.

The QPC Parts Counter and Inspection Station incorporates a precision carrier tape sprocket coupled to a full quadature encoder for positive and snag free results. The missing part sensor is activated at the precise point of the expected filled pocket arrival. Should a part be missing, the “Missing Part” LED is illuminated and the “Empty Pocket Counter” records the event. Abundant work space facilitates rework of tape and continues counting, without removing the reels.

The QPC offers…

  • A true component counter with empty pocket detection
  • Quickly locates and alerts operator to empty pockets
  • Generous work area and comfortable for long runs
  • Operator friendly setup and operation
  • Accurate counts forward and reverse
  • Totally portable and ergonomically designed
Tape Width 8-72mm
Tape Pitch
Carrier Tape Type Embossed Plastic
Cover Tape Type N/A
Seal Pressure N/A
Component Carrier SMD
Electrical 110 VAC 50/60 Hz
Air N/A
Length 38″
Height 12″
Weight 14Lbs.
Maximum Throughput 300 parts per second
Component Counter Ascending and Decending
Empty Pocket Detection Yes
Tape Drive Speed Manually Controlled
Reel Size 13″
Foot Switch N/A

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