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Provides accurate peel force readings to insure compliance with EIA specifications. Our SPC software allows for documentation of each sample for your records.

Accurate, Simple Determination of Cover Tape Peel Strength!

Testing of peel strength to EIA standards is simplified with the QPT-300. An integrated force gauge digitally displays readings utilizing multiple sampling methods including: Min/Max & Average or Continuous Update. By placing a sample in the machine, you can view the test results on the built-in instrument or output to a PC. The compact, modular design means this machine is delivered the way you want it!


  • Taped Reel Carrier* holds reeled carrier tape, and serves as a base for the machine
  • SPC Software for your personal computer



Peel Force Measuring Range 0-150 grams standard
Pull Speed 300 mm per minute
Pull Angle 175-180 degrees
Tape Widths Accepted 4-120 mm
Tape Materials Accepted plastic and paper
Electrical Requirements 120vac 60Hz, 1 amp maximum
Length 19 inches maximum
Width 7 1/2 inches
Height 8 inches
Weight 14 lbs.


Our goal has always been to provide our customers with the most economical equipment solutions. Our product line includes, Lead-Trimming Systems, Manual Surface Mount Taping Systems, and Automated Surface Mount Taping Systems.

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